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CLAMP IT believes that children have the emotional strength that they can enjoy with their parents.Both for the child to prepare physically Develops the muscles with age, encourages children unlimited imagination. Children will be perfect for both IQ & EQ.

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We are 


Who understand



Children need

Brand exclusivity

Clamp it is designed to allow children to expand their imagination as they age. By clamping the components together to form. And, in addition, they can also incorporate specially designed interfaces to help increase age-appropriate skills and imagination. Continue to add to the existing CLAMP IT kit as the child grows


Connecting Imagination

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Clamp it focuses on product design with the concept of sustainable design. Main material is MDF board (medium density fiber board) which is a substitute for wood. We use E1 grade (European standard) and uses non toxic color finishing. MDF board is safe when it broken will not sharp point that is harmful to children and low environmental impact.

Clamp It is unique toy assembly calls "Clamp”. Toy is assembled on a structure   by slot and latch and lock the structure by clamping. The assembly of all products does not use screws knockdown device or any metal or plastic components but will use the Taper Lock assembly method by clamping the structure tight which is the copyright for Clamp it's only invention methods.

(The Patent Cooperation Treaty   PCT/TH2020/000046)

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      Toys is easy to assembly, also removable and stackable which will help save home space.

Kids enjoy playing and fun to transformer design allowing kids to add their imaginations unlimitedly by using dustless chalk to draw and erase. Our toys come with EU standard safety toy(EN 71)


Range of toys

  Rocking toy, Ride on & storage toys, Educational toy, furniture kids, Learning space, Co-module. Unitd Doll house, Math man

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